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      Greg Ives talks partnership with Alex Bowman after another trip to Victory Lane

      © 2020 Nigel Kinrade / NKP

      After Alex Bowman scored his second career Cup Series victory with a win at Auto Club Speedway, crew chief Greg Ives discussed their relationship and the reasons behind the No. 88 team’s strong start to the 2020 season. 

      “(He) and I work well together,” Ives said on SiriusXM NASCAR Radio. “We’re on each other’s team. I’m a big fan of Alex and he’s a big fan of mine and that might have been different in his past experiences and relationships with teams that he worked for in the past. He alluded (Sunday) he doesn’t question my decisions and I don’t question his. We work on that together.

      “I think that’s what has helped make him grow as a leader of a team in his way. I’m not throwing a book at him and saying, ‘Here’s the guidelines on how to be the leader of a race team.’ He’s able to do it on his own and form (his) own identity.

      “Maturity plays a lot into somebody’s career. I think understanding who you are and believing in that is another part of it. I think that’s all of what he’s going through.”

      Greg Ives says that Alex Bowman’s Fontana win validates what the No. 88 team is doing, but explains why he returned to Charlotte instead of staying out on the west coast as a way to keep the team focused and motivated.

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