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      Axalta paints new cars for Tongji University Student Racing teams

      Recently, the TJU Racing and DIAN Electric Car Racing teams – student teams from Shanghai Tongji University’s School of Automotive Studies – launched their brand-new racing cars painted by Axalta’s Spies Hecker® waterborne coatings, ready for the new 2019 season.

      Axalta has been providing Tongji University’s three racing teams (TJU Racing, DIAN Electric Car Racing and Tongji Zeal Eco-Power Racing) with Spies Hecker waterborne refinish coatings, a range of support services including spraying services and educational activities, since 2017. Axalta helps the students develop, design, process, and assemble racing cars to compete in racing competitions globally. This pursuit helps cultivate their passion for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) subjects and prepares them for a career in the automotive and engineering industries. At the annual Innovation Day in June, Axalta and Tongji University’s School of Automotive Studies announced the renewal of a three-year cooperation agreement, effective from 2020.

      Now, let’s take a look at the new racing cars:

      TJU Racing team’s new TR-19: “Red Lightning” on the racetrack

      The new car inherits the team’s classic black, white and red color combination, but its widened frame makes it look tougher and more imposing. Axalta’s paint highlights the dynamic red ‘trailing edge’ design on the car body while making the red five-starred flag on the rear wing even more eye-catching.

      The TR-19 is designed with a single shell body made of carbon fiber, keeping it aerodynamic and lightweight. The application of Spies Hecker coating contributes to the car’s lightweight design, while ensuring a shiny, vibrant appearance.

      Formula E DIAN Racing Team racing car: DRe19

      The brand-new Formula E racing car DRe19 stays true to the team’s red and white color scheme, while adopting a tougher, more domineering demeanor. The red and grey belt on the streamlined single shell car body creates a more aggressive visual effect, manifesting the team’s ambition for championships. In order to highlight the sharpness of the new car, the Axalta refinish technical team chose a coating with an 80% matte finish. The coating increases the surface smoothness of the car, while ensuring a high-performance appearance and representing its modeling characteristics. What’s more, Spies Hecker waterborne coatings also fulfill the Dian Electric Car Racing team’s commitment to be environmentally responsible and use sustainable materials in their cars wherever possible.

      Axalta has witnessed the remarkable achievements of the university’s three student racing teams, who not only assembled their own vehicles but broke international records driving them. In 2017, the TJU F1 Racing team achieved the fastest results in the linear acceleration event of Formula Student Germany. Both the TJU F1 Racing team and Dian Electric Car Racing team broke several records set by the Chinese team at Formula Student Japan. The Zeal Eco-Power Team won the Asian runner-up title of the ICE prototype car group at Shell Eco-marathon Asia 2019.

      We wish the racing teams even more success in the new racing season!