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      Lewis Hamilton reflects on his five British Grand Prix victories

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      “Every year I come back it’s another opportunity to connect with (the fans). I think each year I notice more I’m forever grateful for the people that come. The people who save up through the year, the people who travel from all over the country to come and support on that one weekend, which for me is the most important weekend.” 

      Lewis Hamilton discussed what his home grand prix means to him and what he remembers most about his five British Grand Prix victories. 

      2008: “As I was driving, I was thinking ‘If I win this, this will definitely go down as the best race I’ve ever won.’ … After not being able to do it in the first year I was so driven to make sure that I brought it home for England.” 

      2014: [After a disappointing qualifying session, Hamilton flew home to stay with his family the night before the race] “I remember being in my room, my dad was there, and it was a really touching moment between us where he gave me that lift that I needed that he had always given me since I was a kid. Came back the next day after a good home-cooked meal and knocked it out of the park.”

      2015: “The Williams had a much better start so I had to dice my way back through. … The clouds were coming in and the English weather told me that it was going to rain so I changed tires. After that it was pretty smooth sailing.”

      2016: “This one was another great Grand Prix. … This was the best moment of the year.”

      2017: “I think that weekend was just a solid out-and-out weekend — a grand slam. Quickest in practice, quickest in qualifying, quickest in the race, led every lap and then the fastest lap.”