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      ‘We were in a great spot to contend for the win’: Byron and Bowman discuss the Daytona 500

      Phil Cavali Photography

      William Byron on the incident with two laps remaining that ended his race: “We were pushing the No. 22 in sixth and made a good recovery after we had some damage from the previous wreck. That kind of hurt us a little bit, but we were able to restart sixth after missing the first wreck and the No. 14 just got hooked right, or got loose right, and slammed me in the door and that hooked me to the left and then I was just part of the meat sandwich after that.”

      Byron on the intensity at Daytona International Speedway: “Yeah, for sure. We were really close to the front with about 23 to go and we got stuck behind the No. 20 when his car shut off. We were stuck back in the pack and we got up to 10th or so and missed the wreck before this. I wasn’t really witnessing all the intensity until I was pushing the No. 22. We were in a great spot to contend for the win and just all hell broke loose.”

      Alex Bowman after his 11th-place finish: “I am not really sure how we survived that. We were just kind of credited with a finish there. It was a bummer. We had an over the wall too soon penalty and that put us behind. We got back to second and I kind of picked my nose out there for the lead at the wrong time and got shuffled back. We were running third or fourth and the No. 20 (Erik Jones) ran out of fuel pressure right in front of us and just kind of buried us. From then on everybody’s brains went out the window and we just started crashing the rest of the night.”

      Via Hendrick Motorsports