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      End of the rainbow: Jeff Gordon’s final drive in his signature scheme

      Jeff Gordon drove his famous rainbow-colored scheme to a number of highs during the 1990s. His first championship in 1995, back-to-back titles beginning in 1997, and a modern-era record 13 victories in 1998 all came under the iconic paint.

      To celebrate Gordon’s induction into the NASCAR Hall of Fame on Feb. 1,  here’s a look back to when he took the fan-favorite scheme for one last spin in 2015.

      “It’s such an iconic paint scheme, it’s what I got introduced to NASCAR with,”
      Gordon said prior to his final start in the rainbow look under the lights at Bristol Motor Speedway. “Fans, especially young fans, were attracted to this car because it was so bright it always stood out. …  I thought driving the rainbow paint scheme was in my rearview mirror, but the fans overwhelmingly fought for it and wanted to see it one more time.

      “You forget how this car made an impact back in the day,” added Gordon, who ended up finishing 20th. “When we ran this car in the early-to-mid-90s, it stood out. It turned a lot of people into fans that are still lifelong fans. And those people are the ones that are so grateful to have this car back on the track, but I am too. I’m really proud to get behind the wheel.”