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      Axalta and AutoStok Team bring their new colors to the podium in Colombia

      During the previous TC2000 circuit race, Axalta presented its new design for the Renault Sandero R.S.

      Its modern and imposing look on the track reinforces the style of Axalta-sponsored teams around the world.

      The innovative color design comes with deep blues, vibrant yellows and bright reds, creating an attractive pattern of flames coming out of the car’s wheels. The distinctive “A” of the Axalta logo in white over the hood of the vehicle makes this car the most elegant and memorable of the TC2000 championship.

      “Axalta remains committed to supporting Colombian racing, and the development of each one of the drivers in the AutoStok Team,” said Ricardo Abisambra, Manager of Axalta Coating Systems Colombia. “We are proud to place our name next to the best club in the country and of bringing the best coating experience to the team’s cars.”

      The Axalta-backed AutoStok Team currently leads the chase for the series championship. And the drivers will continue to demonstrate their strength, track experience, and performance thanks to the lightness granted by Axalta coatings.

      Race results
      Two categories were in action during September’s event: TC2000 and TCJunior. Camilo Forero and Juan Felipe García battled until the end of a thrilling TC2000 race for a second-place finish on the podium.

      In the TCJunior category, first place went to José Botello, who, along with his teammate Esteba López, secured the victory in the “Chase” race.