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      AutoStok Team and Axalta one step away from TC2000 championship in Colombia

      © AutoStok Team

      Piloting the dazzling cars of Axalta and the AutoStok Team, drivers Camilo Forero and Felipe Ceballos achieved second and third place in the TC2000 championship semifinal.

      With the modern and imposing look of our cars giving a great visual show, drivers made decisive moves to reach the podium and stay in contention for the national championship, with only three points separating first and second.

      The semifinal took place against the clock at a 2,725-meter circuit, highlighted by the tenth round of the highest category TC2000, which on this occasion held three races.

      “We are a short difference from reaching the top and achieving the championship,” said Ricardo Abisambra, Manager Axalta Coating Systems. “Axalta continues with its firm intention to work and support the team, looking for the best results and providing the greatest technology in coatings for the grand final on November 18.”